Nourishing ointment with sunflower and almond

“Nourish your skin!”

Who is SAJM DERM OINTMENT intended for?

The ointment is intended for daily care and protection of all types of skin, especially for dry and damaged skin in babies, children and adults. It helps in calming skin irritated by wind, sun, weather, and in caring for skin prone to atopic dermatitis and psoriasis.

It is used for allergic reactions in the form of blisters, rashes or some other changes that occur on the skin after sun exposure.

What makes SAJM DERM OINTMENT so special?

The ointment was created based on a traditional recipe by an experienced pharmacist. It is made from high quality ingredients, without preservatives or fragrances. Natural ingredients, especially sunflower oil, soften, nourish, moisturize the skin, creating a surface protective layer and protecting it from external influences.


Sunflower oil rich in vitamin E, A and D, beta carotene and natural wax.

Almond extract with antioxidants that protect cells from oxidative damage. It also has vitamins E, A, B1, B2 and B6, and gives the specific scent of SAJM DERM OINTMENT.


SAJM DERM OINTMENT is new on the market.

You can find it in pharmacies and specialised shops in Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia, and in online shops.

"Good morning! Have you already had your breakfast?
How about your skin? Nourish it too!"

The story of SAJM DERM OINTMENT started back in 1961 when my mother enrolled in the Medical School in Sarajevo, Bosnia, as the first generation of pharmaceutical technicians. It could be said that I worked on the recipe even before I was born!

As a child, I spent a lot of time in the pharmacy and it became a calling to me; I enrolled in Medical School, followed by my sisters. Pharmacy was a part of my family. After graduating from the Faculty of Pharmacy, I worked in many jobs across the profession, but mostly in the pharmacy for 16 years. My mother always mixed some creams and ointments, so I learned from her.

Ten years ago, guided by my knowledge and experience, and using quality ingredients, I made an ointment that helped my friends and their children with skin problems, whilst also for those with healthy skin who used it for daily care. It was used to treat various types of dermatitis, mostly atopic in babies and children and contact in adults, but also for cases of psoriasis. The ointment nourished their skin and relieved their symptoms. I have advised people to nourish their skin so many times that over time it has become my motto.

I never say that I can cure the skin, and I know that my patients sometimes added a small amount of corticosteroid prescribed by their doctor in moments of deterioration to my ointment, but they had to do it much more rarely when they regularly used the ointment produced by me.

When I moved to Croatia from Bosnia, patients kept looking for me and called me every day. However, I no longer had the facilities and equipment to produce the ointment. I decided to start industrial production of the ointment based on my recipe. The road from the decision to implementation was long and difficult, but due to my desire and determination, and in cooperation with Adrialab d.o.o. in November 2020, the production of the SAJM DERM OINTMENT began.

I have already helped numerous children and adults, and now I hope I will help you, who are reading this. How? Nourish your skin!

Sanela Azirović, Master of Pharmacy  

SAJM DERM d.o.o.

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Read what those who have used it say about the SAJM DERM OINTMENT.

Atopijski dermatitis

“At the age of two months, my baby developed atopic dermatitis and nutritional allergy, which spread to the whole body. For a year and a half, our life was reduced to sleepless nights, scratching, crying, helplessness… Once we saw that dermatologists, allergists and immunologists had no solution, we tried everything we heard that could help, while trying to use products as natural as possible since corticosteroids had already impaired adrenal function. By chance, we heard about a cream made by a Master of Pharmacy, which was not available on our market at the time. From the first application, my child was literally saved. The skin started to recover and we started sleeping. Within a few months, my baby was no longer itching and the skin finally became clean and smooth. “

“I have been struggling with acute contact-dermatitis caused by nickel allergy since 2012. The problem is really unpleasant because it is impossible to avoid contact with nickel, while the symptoms are manifested on the palms and fingers in the form of red, dry and cracked skin. After several years of frustration, visiting dermatologists and trying numerous products, I met Sanela, and she immediately noticed the wounds on my hands. The only thing that has had a real long-term effect on my skin is the regular use of this exceptional ointment.”
“Finally, our dear acquaintance Sanela, who saved my Iva when she was a baby from the torments of atopic dermatitis, managed to market the ointment produced based on her special recipe. Thanks to it, we were able to grasp that feeling of our nearly one-year-old child falling asleep for the first time, for more than an hour, because her skin finally got much-needed care. Thanks again! Congratulations on a successful collaboration with Adrialab and bravo!”
“I am 20 years old and I have been struggling with atopic dermatitis all my life. In the last five years, my condition has worsened and my whole body has been affected by eczema. I was subject to numerous dermatological examinations with corticosteroid therapies, after which the condition would calm down for a while. I also tried various alternative treatments that helped me in the short term or didn’t help at all. Fortunately, I came across SAJM DERM OINTMENT, which has become an indispensable and the only part of my daily care. I warmly recommend this ointment to all those who are struggling with this terrible disease. It literally saved me!”